Geologic Atlas of Stevens County


Geologic Atlas of Stevens County Washington



This Geologic Atlas is designed for geologists, rock hounds, prospectors, ghost town explorers and anyone else wanting to investigate the history of Stevens County.
The 6 page geologic introduction covers the fascinating events that created this mineral-rich region. An map overview of the geologic base rocks and a key to their age and composition prefaces the main index of 1000+ mines. This index shows not only the principal metals but also the mineral makeup of each mine. The mine pages themselves show the base geology with points and associated numbers for each mine. There are grids by section and by 1 minute GPS coordinates. Elevation contours are at 500 foot intervals. The road lines are current from our Emergency Services books. Two smaller indexes arrange all mines by page and by Name order. Mine names change over time so it is also a good idea to check the geographic names on each page and in the comprehensive place and street name index at the end of the book. A key to pages showing mine density on the back cover allows quick access to the proper page.


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