Map Metrics produced a series of Visitor
Maps under a contract with the Colville Chamber of Commerce using USFS Title II
money early in 2009. 

100,00 maps were printed on 11″x17″ pads of
100 maps each.  You can download the PDF files for these from this website.
These files can be printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper in two parts using options in
Adobe Reader.  The following maps are available here:

Area Side Count Kilobytes   Link
Stevens County Front 30,000 2501   Stevens County
Back 30,000 3772   Stevens Tours
Ferry County Front 18,000 2935   Ferry County
Back 18,000 175   Ferry Tours
Pend Oreille County Front 24,000 2203   Pend Oreille County
Back 24,000 2698   Pend Oreille Tours
Chewelah Front 7,000 547   Chewelah
Colville Front 7,000 456   Colville
Kettle Falls Back 7,000 2091   Kettle Falls Area
Little Pend Oreille Back 7,000 3584   Little Pend Oreille Lakes
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