Map Metrics is a cartographic design and publishing business in Northeast Washington.

For further information contact:

Map Metrics
2109 Hwy 25 South
Kettle Falls, WA  99141


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  1. Is there a new version of the Road Atlas for Stevens County? I have a version from Oct 2010. Is this the most current version?

    1. Bob:

      The current version is 2018.

  2. I am needing road atlases for lincoln, douglas, chelan counties in eastern Washington. Do you have these for sale? Please reply to Thanks!

    1. Patrick:

      I don’t make a road atlas of Lincoln County because they used to make their own. You can call or email Courtney Thompson from Lincoln County GIS services about that.
      Call 509-725-7911 or call/text 509-348-0130

      There is an outfit that makes custom map books for any county in several styles. Here is a link:

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