Road Atlas of Bonner County


Road Atlas of Bonner County Idaho



Bonner County is the best-selling Map Metrics Road Atlas. There is a lot that is new in Bonner County, one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.
Map Metrics and Bonner County have worked closely together to create our Road Atlas. It contains the standard Map Metrics features including Forest Service Roads, the most accurate public and private roads, an extensive array of historical, mineral and recreational sites, and complete public land ownership.
All of the regular map pages fold out into two page spreads. Sub-pages are tucked away between these twin pages. There are a lot of state forest roads in the county and we have labeled those where practical. We also added mile markers along the major county roads. Unlike the State Highways, these roads to not have physical mile markers, but the ones in this book can help in locating addresses.  Current Version, February  2018.  (783 road changes reviewed and updated. )


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